Poster sessions

Do you want to share your initiative using a short video poster?

Participants can submit video posters that will be displayed on URGENCI TV (

  1. Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (3 slides maximum).
  2. Record a 5-minute video talk that briefly reviews the highlights of your initiative and complements your presentation materials.
  3. The PowerPoint and video must both be sent before 7th of October to If you have your own Youtube channel, you can also share the link to your video.
  4. We will share your video on the Symposium page and URGENCI TV (Youtube channel). Participants will watch your video before joining the poster session, where they will have a chance to ask questions and learn more about your initiative.
  5. There will be separate sessions for each of the following languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. Please submit your video and your presentation in any of these languages.


You can use this template for your presentation: PowerPoint