URGENCI, the CSA international network, has for main objective to build a space for sharing, discussing and analysing the Community Supported Agriculture practices and strategies. Its leading activities consist in connecting initiatives, formalizing the CSA hand-on experiences and developing an appropriate advocacy work.


The International CSA network is the most appropriate space to:

  • Promote the CSA concept as widely as possible;
  • Facilitate exchange between existing partnerships and share best practices;
  • Increase the mobilisation of local networks, share tools and strengthen their viability;
  • Coordinate actions at international level and facilitate global coherence of the project;
  • Develop dialogue with public institutions.

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> Your membership fee :

Increasing membership is a crucial challenge for an organisation like URGENCI: apart from the financial dimension of this support, large membership is a precondition for designing efficient advocacy actions.thanks veggie

Your contribution is needed to support our actions.



Becoming a member offers a range of rights: participation in dissemination missions, financial support for/free access to URGENCI’s events. Join the network to share with us this wonderful experience of disseminating the CSA spirit at the world level and build up a strong CSA movement!

Fill up the membership form! If you are either a local group (CSA, Teikei, AMAP, etc.), a CSA regional/national network or any other civil society organization interested in joining Urgenci as affiliate member, an individual willing to become an active member, please use the following membership forms:

  • CSA local groups (AMAP, Teikei, Solidarische Landwirtschaft, ACP, CSA, etc) contribute 10€/year;
  • CSA networks contribute 100€/year;
  • Other organizations (NGO, farmer union, consumers association, etc.) other than CSA networks give a 100€–support/year;
  • Committed individuals interested in joining the network sponsor with 10€/year.

The form must be sent, either to: URGENCI, Maison de la Vie associative, Allée Robert Govi, Aubagne, France or to contact@urgenci.net .


By bank transfer or paypal! Or sending us a check to Urgenci, Maison de la Vie Associative, allée Robert Govi, 13 400 Aubagne – France…

Download here are our bank details.