Building National Coalitions for Land Policy Reform – 8 December 14.00 (CET)

Land Strat Webinar Season 2, Episode 1 | 08/12/20 14h-15h30 (CET, UTC+1 – Brussels)

The Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement in Europe and Central Asia is launching its Webinar Season 2. Episode 1 will be on “Building National Land Coalitions for Land Policy Reform”. During this webinar, speakers from the Scottish Land Trust (Roz Corbett, UK), Terre de Liens (Tanguy Martin, France) and the Land Preservation Network (Netzwerk Flächensicherung, Hannes Gerlof, Germany) will share their experience of building coalitions to advocate for access to land for agroecology and peasant farming at national level.

Register here before the 7th of December.

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