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By the beginning of 2013 there were around 10 alternative food distribution schemes describing themselves as CSAs. All the schemes are based on solidarity, in other words risk and reward sharing between the farmers and consumers. A majority of them are farmer driven CSAs where the informal group of consumers is coupled with an already existing farm that is owned by the producer. Typically the informal consumer group pays in advance (month or a whole season) for the farmer´s production and gets the harvest while taking responsibility for delivery, administration etc. Nonetheless there are few solely community owned farms based on the principle of shared ownership and social enterpreneurship.The majority of so far existing initiatives has been initiated by environmental NGOs in cities and they are geographically spread all over the country. The CSA movement is very much bound to the organic farming practices as majority of the farmers are certified organic or use organic practices.

Community Supported Agriculture in Czech Republic (Jan Valeska, 2014)