Episode ten, The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast!

The Mediterranean Caravan visits organic farmer Aleksandar Burić.


Our tenth episode of the Mediterranean Caravan Podcast is now live on Anchor and Spotify. Join us to meet organic farmer Aleksandar Burić from Serbia.

This podcast with organic farmer Aleksandar Burić reveals his philosophy of understanding nature in order to work with nature for the benefit of both humans and Nature.


Photograph by Ekspedicija Agroekologije


Agroecological agriculture is way more than just a technical approach. Agroecology is firstly about values and principles that need to be understood before food production comes on the list.

Aleksandar Burić talks about the relationship between human and nature, how to re-establish this relationship through investigation of oneself and the web of life that surrounds him.



Photographs by Ekspedicija Agroekologije

How to establish and nurture the love and care for Nature in ourselves is the fundamental question on how to create a true connection with ourselves and all the Life around us.


As Masanobu Fukuoka said: “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”.

This sentence should resonate in our heart profoundly to be able to achieve a truly agroecological approach to agriculture.


Photograph by Ekspedicija Agroekologije


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