Food Citizens: Report from the Test Training Events in the Czech Republic

Looking back at the season or how the “Test training events” took place in the Food&More project

With all the training events we were eagerly waiting to meet in person, and we did. During June 2021, we were thus able to carry out the planned training events, with the main topic of “How to create viable communities”.

Thus, three test training events were held, with a total of 45 participants from coordinators, co-coordinators, farmers and active stakeholders. We also invited stakeholders who are active in other communities. We were able to network and enrich each other with personal examples of good practice together with coordinators of neighborhood activities, community gardens and an alternative social network that supports people in outreach and support activities aimed at landscape restoration and community life outside the cities.

We didn’t stay in the city, we went into the countryside. For two of the training workshops we used the facilities of a friendly family farm in the south of Bohemia, the Hůrka Family Farm. For the last seminar we chose the premises of the community garden in Prague.

And what did we mainly focus on? On community cooperation and development, participatory planning and decision-making in the community. We enriched these topics with activities focused on self-knowledge and personal development, awareness of one’s strengths, one’s role in the group and we also did not forget to relax.

Here you can see a gallery of photos from the training events at Family Farm Hůrka and from the Dragon dreaming training.