Landare – An experience that feeds thousands of people

The “Soberanía Alimentaria, Biodiversidad y Culturas” magazine published an article on a non-CSA but  nonetheless very interesting and successful food coop project in Navarra (Euskal Herria-Spanish State.)

Landare is one of the Spanish State’s pioneer consumer associations. Founded in 1991 by individuals involved in antimilitarist and anarchist groups, Landare has since evolved alongside 25-landare01social change and unrest. Today, 2600 families from Pamplona (Iruña) meet and acquire foodstuffs in Landare’s two premises which employ 25 workers. Landare can, without 25-landare02doubt, make many contributions to the debate on alternative marketing and its promotion of change.


You can access the article in English here, and also read it in Spanish!