Let’s Celebrate CSA Day! Call for Stories


CSA Day:

In the midst of global challenges and uncertainties, CSAs and LSPAs have stood resilient, cultivating not only crops but also hope for a better tomorrow.
While we approach #CSADay 2024, we invite you to share your experience by telling us about your stories, journeys, and triumphs! 

  • Format: Written stories, or short videos. 
  • 500 words for written submissions; 5-7 minutes for videos. 
  • Submissions can be in any language, with an English translation if possible. 
  • Deadline: 15/02/204 


How to Submit: 

Start with “One way my CSA cultivates hope is…” and tell us your story!
We would love to get a sense of your CSA and LSPA and how your work there inspires you and your community! 

Email your text or videos to flavia.fatuzzo@urgenci.net. Please include a short bio, a picture and contact information. Your stories will be featured on our website and our social media platforms!
Participants will also receive a copy of “Journey to Green Horizons,” a comic book on agroecology developed during the project Agroecological Youth Education for Future (AYE!). 

To receive this comic, make sure to also add a postal address so that we can send it to you!


In times when the world feels a bit dark, we believe that sharing these moments will bring warmth and light to those who need it.
Even after this event ends, we would still love to hear and amplify your stories and are starting a process to collect them in an ongoing way, so remember that you can always send us stories and dispatches from the field you’d like to share with our amazing network!