Everyone is dealing with the conflict in Ukraine. Everyone is experiencing anxiety, fear, worry… Even me. In such a situation, does it make sense to spread awareness about something like Community Supported Agriculture? I’ve been thinking about it all day.

I think it’s important. It’s exactly what I can do for the world. What we in AMPI, KPZkoALICE and other organizations in the international Urgenci network can do for the world. To spread further the principles and values on which CSA and other LSPA is based on:

Solidarity. Trust. Reciprocity. Caring. Collaboration. Respect. Kindness. Locality. Community. Diversity. Agroecology. Non-violence.

If we learn how to live these values in our daily lives, there will be no wars. Therefore, as long as I can, I will continue to push for a system that supports LIFE.

In my personal experience, it is food initiatives that give us the opportunity every day to learn to work together, to communicate openly and respectfully, to support each other, and to take co-responsibility for the running of this world. The consumer becomes a co-creator. This broadens perception, understanding of context, empathy and has an impact on other areas of life. CSA is more than food. It is one of the pathways to conscious citizenship.

Author: Sarka Krcilkova – works for AMPI, an organisation that develops the CSA movement in the Czech Republic https://www.asociaceampi.cz,  coordinator at KPZkoALICE – The Czech national CSA network https://kpzinfo.cz, food citizen and CSA coordinator at Pospolí (https://pospoli.cz)