Here is the Entire list from youtube popular videos on CSA!

And here is a selection, gathered in the frame of the Be Part of CSA! -project:



  1. The AMAP values
  2. A recipe for change
  3. To be an AMAP farmer
  4. An asset to get installed
  5. The future of AMAPs

Ile-de-France: Here is a 3-min animated film that explains very well the Paris AMAP network missions and the relevance of AMAP to support another agriculture and alternative food communities.

Rhône-Alpes: What is AMAP?

An excerpt from a famous movie Local solutions to a global disaster, with a farmer explaining AMAP (farmer’s side)


The Soil association film library, with videos on different operating CSA schemes.

Here is a selection of other films on community supported agriculture:


The resources section from the national Solawi network

The strategy of crooked cucumber: A co-op of some 260 people is participating in successful organic vegetable gardening in the southwest German city of Freiburg, sharing the costs and risks. Whatever the harvest, good or poor, it’s distributed to all members. Cucumbers are allowed to be bent, carrots entwined, the occasional lettuce smaller than average. Seasonal, totally organic growing, 100% original seed, short distances, solidary economics, collective property, education, contributing to the labour are some of the many hallmarks. This documentary reveals the motivations and inner life of the cooperative. It shows people who in a time of economic and ecological crisis are doing something to counter the might of industrial agriculture: The strategy of crooked cucumbers.

CSA oder Community supported agriculture solidarische Landwirtschaft : was ist das ? (animated)


Flanders/ in Flemish: Gemeenschapslandbouw in Vlaanderen: een samenvatting, stand van zaken en een blik op de toekomst.


Animated film on KPZ


CRIES ASAT Local Partnerships between producers and consumers


First CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Presentation in Georgia, Europe House


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) | The Lexicon of Sustainability | PBS Food

Serious considerations on CSA and food system by Frances Moore Lappé (TransNational Institute): What is the role of urban and community supported agriculture?


Canastas Comunitarias: Community Supported Agriculture in Ecuador

The Canastas Comunitarias is a network in Ecuador that connects farmers and urban consumers so that the food distribution and consumption is more just for all involved. Learn how family farmers in Ecuador are organizing to re-introduce native seeds and to grow and distribute healthier food.


社區支持型農業(Community Supported Agriculture, CSA)簡介 1/6 – Six episodes of a academic presentation in Chinese

這是在工研院創意中心每週五 11:00~12:00 舉辦的 Lightning talks。2009-08-15,我們邀請到電光所的同仁韓偉國到創意中心和大家分享什麼是「社區支持型農業(Community Supported Agriculture, CSA)


CSA in Pakistan: Community sustained agriculture is a socio-economic model of responsible, sustainable agriculture and food distribution where a community of individuals pledge to share both the costs and benefits of food production.


AMAP Bénin


AMAP monde en Algérie