Putting carbon where it belongs…back in the soil!

Our president of honour, Elizabeth Henderson, is also member of NOFA, the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

They are launching now a Soil Carbon Restoration Campaign, showing the potential of good farming and land management practices to store and stabilize large amounts of carbon where it belongs – in the soil.


carbon NOFAIndeed, where can we put carbon once removed from the air?

The solution is under our feet! It needs to go back where it belongs, in the soil. This great paper aims to get people on board for this inexpensive and practical way to save the planet by detailing:

  • The problem of carbon dioxide buildup and climate change.
  • How carbon can be taken out of the atmosphere and restored to the soil.
  • The advantages that can come to farmers and consumers from growing in carbon-rich soils.

Farmers, gardeners, homeowners, landscapers can follow the principles laid out in the paper and not only restore carbon to the soil but help rebuild the great system that mother nature put in place to renew our atmosphere while providing food, beauty and health for us all.

Please read the White Paper “Soil Carbon Restoration: can biology do the job?” by Jack Kittredge, policy director of NOFA/Mass (August 2015).