SolidBase Hackathon Report is available

IT skills and online management tools tailored for more resilient food systems are more needed than ever in the time of Covid-19! The exchanges held in Freiburg months ago take a new meaning now, with the time distance. The full report from the SolidBase Hackathon, held in Freiburg in November 2019, is now available : SolidBase Hackathon Report (0,37 Mo)

Please also have a look at the materials used during the event :

  1. The introduction about what is a Hack about ? Whats the hack about (0,48 Mo)

  2. The Hug&Hack on spot presentation of the online management tools represented by their developers: Hug&Hack (1,55 Mo)

  3. The Evaluation Form during the event: Hackathon Evaluation (0,083 Mo)

Last but not least, the training materials developed within the SolidBase project have now been finalized and have been added to URGENCI’s Hub: They are (or will be) available in Czech, English, French, German and Hungarian.