Photo by Ilaria Turini


CSA practitioners (both farmers and members) and researchers from 40 different countries have joined forces to launch the first worldwide survey on Community Supported Agriculture.

The aim of the survey is to collect and analyse data which can then be used to support CSA stakeholders by :

  • Producing global metrics on CSA practices and trends
  • Mapping the diversity of CSA practices across the globe
  • Identifying the common characteristics of CSA


This survey is being sent to as many CSAs as possible across the globe through local, regional, national, and international networks.

The CSA movement is increasingly recognised as a model that can help create more resilient food systems and promote agroecological practices. To support the global CSA movement, we need to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of CSA in different places.

These data will help us make the case that CSA is critical to developing sustainable and resilient food systems. Data will also help CSAs learn from and inspire each other. Our goal at URGENCI is to continue to grow and to give a coherent, well-informed picture of CSA to other actors and institutions. Your experience and perspective are valued and vital to this effort. Please take 5 to 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire on your CSA.

This survey is complementary to the online survey for CSA organizers:


These language versions are already ready for you to fill out!