The Mediterranean network of LSPA: Solidarity & Agroecology!


Towards a Mediterranean network of Local and Solidarity-based Partnerships for Agroecology

For a brief history of the network, please download the 2017-2018 Action Plan proposal.

Our Vision

The Mediterranean Network of Local Solidarity Based Partnerships for Agroecology (LSPA MedNet) envisions the Mediterranean as a region with food-sovereign communities with agroecological socioeconomic systems, where people freely interact and share their resources and assets.

Who are We and What do We do?

 We are farmers, consumers, trainers, food activists, researchers, agronomists around the

Mediterranean basin. All together, we engage in regenerative actions that bring together and heal soils, plants, animals, people, communities, cities and rural areas, by implementing and supporting local solidarity based-partnerships which foster agroecology at every level of the food system. To that end, we are

  • networking among farmers, eaters, activists, and researchers in cities and in rural areas
  • designing and implementing training and mentorship programmes adapted to our region’s specific needs
  • disseminating good practices, share experiences and performing exchange visits
  • developing and implementing joint projects,
  • raising awareness, advocating, lobbying and forming strategic alliances at every level

Méditerranée sans frontières, Sabine Réthoré, 2011.

Our 2030 Collective Dream

The MedNet envisions the Mediterranean as in 2030 as a region that unites people, with

  • an ecological culture in which people
    • value locality, proximity, and neighborhood,
    • interact in platforms and networks which enable transparent and efficient communication and implementation of joint projects,
    • looks after each other and their cultural heritage, including the healthy and diverse Mediterranean cuisine and diet,
    • acknowledge their unity with nature, restore nature damage, stop human-induced climate change, reverse soil loss and water pollution with regenerative systems, care for biodiversity, and maintain widespread nature reserves,
    • share and exchange their know-how, experience, good practices and resources
  • and an agroecological socioeconomic system which
    • is based on self-governed democratic communities and LSPs (Local Solidarity-Based Partnerships) that support agroecological food systems, housing systems and human-scale industries that serve human needs,
    • incorporates a new solidarity economy with free movement of people and goods, exchange systems and alternative currencies,
    • includes sustainable production of crops, animal products, fibers and other raw materials, nature-preserving small-scale fisheries and foraging,
    • respects social justice and secures each person’s human rights, including access to safe, clean and nutritious food and right to livelihood in their preferred locality and with their preferred activities,
    • promotes ethical production, purchase and consumption of food and other goods
    • connects farmers, consumers, researchers and organizations via PGSs (Participatory Guarantee Systems)
    • incorporates food systems based on short supply chains which enable direct contact between consumers and producers
    • grants farmers, pastoralists and other residents of rural areas economic security and access to appropriate technology and enriching cultural environments.

Our Reasons to Act

In the North, South and West shores of the Mediterranean

  • we are losing
    • living soils, biodiversity and local seeds, and
    • healthy and diverse Mediterranean diet.
  • we are facing
    • drought and climate change,
    • increased food insecurity and dependencies,
    • pollution and waste.
    • the broken food systems are feeding forced migration, social injustice and rural exodus.

We see the need for urgent action!

Our Purpose

We aim to create, develop and promote:

  • alternative, agroecological food production systems based on small-scale, nature-friendy farming
  • community-supported agriculture (CSA), other forms local solidarity-based partnerships (LSPA), and participatory guarantee systems (PGS).
  • short supply chains, including ethical purchase groups, farmers markets and food coops
  • solutions for healthy and delicious food to eaters, healthy environment to people and decent life to farmers
  • regenerative actions that heals and connects together soil, plants, animals, people, communities, and societies
  • local, circular and solidarity-based economies and food sovereign societies

With our actions here and now, building on our common heritage of Mediterranean civilizations, we are creating the roots of a new culture in harmony with nature and with each other!

Our Core Values

Democracy, solidarity, unity, harmony, connection, local action, collaboration, social justice, food-sovereignty, care for life and society, good living, good food, inclusiveness, participation, ethical consumption, flexibility, adaptation, transparency, sharing, diversity, honoring peasantry, genuine will and commitment, open-heartedness, self-governance, autonomy, harmony with nature