asat-m4-1The “Be part of CSA!” project – a European Participatory Training Programme for Community Supported Agriculture – has been designed to spread widely CSA initiatives by providing knowledge, skills and competences to local communities in Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania, and disseminates its outcomes at the European level.

The project partners drafted a modular training programme which curriculum – comprising a Booklet, a Trainer’s Guide, a crop calculator, a short movie and visuals – has been developed in recognition that CSA is a shared responsibility among farmers and members: it offers solutions to common problems they are facing. The four training modules, focusing on a different aspect of what makes a CSA scheme specific, are together completing a comprehensive training programme which fully covers the Community Supported Agriculture issues in a common European languagm4-hu-3e. We hope it is designed to be equally empowering for both the community and the farmers. m4-cz-2

The Booklet is here to introduce the fundamentals; the Trainers’ Guide is intended as supplementing material for trainers, multipliers and facilitators to organise the agenda of each training session, providing them with educational materials and training techniques not always directly connected to CSA, but that partners thought relevant to the project.

You can download it here!

You also have access to useful visual materials to help you organizing your training sessions, for Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3.