The European Meeting of CSA Movements and Alternative Distribution Systems has now firmly established itself as the milestone for CSA initiatives all across Europe. With 120 participants from 25 different countries during its edition in Milan in October 2012, 90 participants from 17 countries in Villarceaux in March 2014, this event is probably the European event on local food systems with the largest geographical and cultural diversity.

Minutes from the Open Forum thematic groups (click on the workshop title to download the minutes):

European Declaration of CSA 

Local/global Advocacy on CSA

Education of new Farmers

Harnessing Social Media to Develop Local Networks

Knowledge Transfer

Facing Commercial initiatives 

Strengthening CSA Members’ Sense of Community

CSA Related Trainings in Europe

Financing Urgenci Through Membership

Formation à l’alimentation durable

CSA and Income Inequalities

Quel type d’agriculture souhaitons-nous?

Screening Methods


Poster Gallery


Basque initiative: Laia Ekosormena

Czech CSAs

REKO (Finland)


Other documents from the meeting:

Working Groups’ Contact Details

Audio Records

Map of participants