Basics for CSA Groups

Welcome to the first session of the CSA Webinar series! We will be introducing the basics of CSA groups: how to set up a CSA, key moments in running and developing groups, difficult situations, etc.

CSAct !, a Community-Supported Agriculture collaborative training programme, is developing the first Webinar Series dedicated to CSA.

4 webinars will be organized during the Spring.

The meeting will be led by Monika Onyszkiewicz and Emilia Ślimko, from the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FER), Poland.

The meeting will be held Wednesday 3 April, 18.30 (GMT+1) on URGENCI’s Zoom meeting room:

Please register before Monday 1st of April, 13.00 by simply sending an email to

More info on the CSAct! -project: