Citizens and Farmers’ mobilization in Paris

“It is important to share the word about the CSA movement, where so many experiences are conducted to answer the multiple agricultural crises: they are experimenting new price building techniques to guarantee a fair and stable price and to answer the call for more economic fairness, but they are also built around a direct and strong partnership between producers and consumers to answer the call for more social recognition for farmers”. –  Florent Sebban, vegetable grower and member of URGENCI’s International Committee (Organizer of the event).


Despite the rain, in a vibrant display of solidarity for a more sustainable agricultural future, citizens and farmers alike gathered at Place de la République in Paris on Saturday, March 2nd. Organized by the Confédération Paysanne Ile-de-France, the event aimed to highlight the possibility of a different agricultural model—one that doesn’t compromise farmers’ livelihoods for environmental protection.

Under the banner of “Salon de l’Agriculture Citoyenne” the mobilization sought to bridge the gap between organic farming, agroecology, and civil society. Participants were invited to join in a variety of activities, from tasting organic produce to engaging in farmers’ and citizens’ debates.


The event was not just a celebration of sustainable agriculture but also a platform for political expression. Attendees raised their voices against the prevailing narrative that puts farmer incomes against environmental standards. Instead, they championed the message that “a farmer’s income can coexist with environmental preservation“.

Indeed, one of the key themes of the event was the rejection of the false dichotomy between financial remuneration and environmental responsibility that is dominating the media.


As URGENCI, we strongly believe events like this mobilization can serve as a beacon of hope and unity, and that together we can and we must continue to push for a more sustainable and fair future, where agriculture thrives in harmony with nature.