The AYE! Project has successfully ended!

URGENCI and the AYE! (Agroecological Youth Education for Future) project partners, are proud to announce the successful conclusion of the project!
The project started in 2021 and aimed to increase awareness about the environment and ecological literacy among young people by providing them with comprehensive solutions for sustainable environmental and food systems.

To achieve this goal, the project partners developed an innovative educational program in the field of agroecology for youth, with a pletra of new creative educational materials, such as a comic book and a board game, which can be used to complement the conventional education curricula.
Both educators and young people were involved in the production process of these materials, and international training sessions for educators were held in Italy, France, and Greece, along with a series of local events in each partner country as part of the project.

All the amazing outputs of this project, as well as the specific resources of the Trainer’s digital platform can be found on URGENCI’s HUB!

AYE! is implemented under the coordination of AMPI (Czechia), with partners Urgenci, Community Supported Agriculture around the world (France), Deafal ONG (Italy), Zelena Tranzcija (Serbia)Buğday Ekolojik Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (Turkey) and ADDART (Greece)



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