Common Pledge


Community Supported Agriculture is what brings us together. CSA is the name we give to a diversity of approaches that all aim to strengthen direct farmer-eater relationships. This includes sharing risks and benefits. This is the essence of CSA.

Urgenci is the international organization that facilitates the connections between existing national and local CSA networks through the shared belief in the core values of agroecology: Food Sovereignty, Solidarity Economy, and Biodiversity.

Urgenci aims to disseminate and advocate for CSA. Urgenci also supports the building of new regional and national CSA networks.

In almost 10 years of existence, Urgenci has achieved international recognition, and the CSA movement now involves five continents and 1.5 million people.

We are farmers, eaters, network representatives, and advocates from all around the world. We gathered in China for the 6th International Symposium of Urgenci, organized jointly with the 7th Chinese national CSA conference, to support the Rural Regeneration movement and invigorate our initiatives worldwide.

From our exchanges, we make this pledge.

  • We pledge to communicate the benefits of CSA, and its vital role in the radical transformation of the food system.
  • We pledge to build nourishing personal and organizational relationships, as well as strategic alliances to develop CSA globally.
  • We pledge to support and empower local, national, and continental CSA networks in all their diversity.
  • We pledge to enable knowledge sharing between all actors, especially farmer-to-farmer.
  • We pledge to celebrate farmers and communities.
  • We pledge to support growers and eaters as they care for the land and people in their practice of agroecology.
  • We carry these pledges home to our communities with the determination that the CSA movement will continue to grow.

Beijing, November 2015