CSA in China: An Introduction, by Caroline Merrifield and Shi Yan

CSA Meeting in China, by Elizabeth Henderson
People Power, by Sun Ye in the China Daily, July 14th, 2013, about Shi Yan’s Shared Harvest initiative
Chinese Sustainable Agriculture and the Rising Middle Class: Analysis from Participatory Research in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Little Donkey Farm by Shi, Y. , Cheng, C. , Lei, P. , Wen, T. , Merrifield, C. (from School of Agriculture Economics and Rural Development, Renmin -Beijing -CHINA)


CSA and Consumers’ Cooperatives in India, by Nina Osswald


Japan, cradle of CSA, by the Japan Organic Agriculture Association

Taiwan (Province of China)

CSA in Taiwan (Province of China), by Elizabeth Henderson