Full report from the “EAThink meets CSA” -Seminar in Normandy

The report from the “EAThink meets CSA” seminar in Normandy is now available 

By Jocelyn Parot, Urgenci General Secretary.

Urgenci organized on the 10th and 11th of July 2017 an European seminar on Education to sustainable and local food. Around 30 network facilitators, locavores and teachers from 13 different countries, from Spain to Czech Republic and from Austria to Malta, shared their experience on the topic.

This seminar also allowed a feedback on the activities led since Spring 2015 in the frame of the European EAThink project, which mobilized more than 150 teachers and several thousands of students in the whole “Académie de Caen” (school administrative unit at the regional level).

“It is crucial for us to make interventions in schools, which are the best places for social mix, in order to raise our children’s awareness on global food issues”, explains Gaëlle Bigler, a facilitator for the Fédération romande de l’Agriculture contractuelle de proximité, the French speaking CSA network in Switzerland, and a member of Urgenci. “But we have to do this without creating a feeling of guilt” adds Judith Hitchman, President of the International Committee of Urgenci, “This requires new learning methods, including cooperation games or using digital technologies.

This seminar took place just a few days after a video made by students from a high school in Normandy won the European video competition organized as part of the project. L’ardoise de Léo is now being disseminated on national medias in the 12 participating countries.

The participants to the European seminar had a chance to exchange on numerous other project activities: training sessions on citizen web journalism, cooking sessions for prisoners, cooperation games on sustainable fisheries and on the urban-rural relationships, or farm visits. These activities were organized thanks to the logistical support from the local school administration and thanks to the financial support from the European Union and the Normandy Region.

Eathink meets CSA -European Seminar Report (650 ko, pdf)

L’ardoise de Léo is available on Facebook: