Give CSA Farmers a #SolidBase!

Survey on the Financial Sustainability of Community Supported AGriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is often mentioned as a model to improve the situation on many farms, and to increase stability in a period of crisis. How is CSA fulfilling this promise? How can we make it better?

After its 1st European census (mentioned in a recent issue of the Guardian), in 2016, Urgenci’s European CSA Research group is now launching an in-depth investigation on the financial sustainability of CSA farms and groups.

The ultimate goal is to improve CSA training by creating a training module and tools specifically on the financial sustainability of CSA, in order to answer a vital need expressed by a large number of farmers. This research is conducted by the European CSA community for the CSA community.

This requires collecting information from the CSAs of Europe. We have therefore set up a online questionnaire that can be answered in several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Czech.

You are a CSA farmer? A CSA group facilitator? You want to share your challenges and your solutions on the finance for Urgenci? Your testimony is necessary!

The questionnaire will be open until 18/6/2018:
It will take you about 30 min to answer the full questionnaire.

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Merci! Contact us for any question: contact(at)
Jocelyn (Urgenci) and Peter (Agronauten)


Nota Bene 1: Your information will be handled safely. It will help us to draw the big picture, the results will be presented in an anonymous way. They will not be handled to any third party, except for further Urgenci -led research purpose. This research is conducted in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is now enforced (as of May 25th): 

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Once cookies are deleted, close your browser then click the link to the survey again, you can now proceed on with a brand new questionnaire.