More Mentors for Stronger CSA Networks!

Food Communities Webinar 3 | 22/6/21, 14h-15h30 (CEST – Brussels)

As the Community Supported Agriculture movement grows and becomes more structured with an increased number of CSA networks, CSA mentorship programmes are also multiplying. There are two major reasons for this. On the one hand, as the years pass, more experience is available from both the producers’ and from the consumers’ sides. On the other hand, with the on-going growth of CSA partnerships, there are also more newcomers joining the movement. They are in need of thorough guidance in their first steps in this unchartered territory. Mentoring is therefore becoming one of the major activities a CSA network can provide to support the sound development of these partnerships.

So what kind of support can be expected from a mentoring programme? How can you build such a programme? How long does it take to become a robust mentor? Do you want to hear success stories from CSA advisers and coaches?
Tune in to our Food Communities Webinar #3, 22nd June, 14.00 CEST.
This is your chance to hear answers to your questions from seasoned CSA advisors and CSA network co-ordinators who have direct experience of mentoring and coaching.

Many challenging questions will be addressed during this third webinar about food communities, including:

  1. How are the mentors trained in countries where there is a CSA mentorship programme?
  2. How long does it take to provide quality and tailored mentoring?
  3. Are the mentors paid for their work as mentors? Are they 100% volunteers?
  4. What are the important aspects of becoming a mentor, in terms of personal skills, attitude and experience?
  5. How can mentees access the mentorship programme?
  6. How can you build a strong relationship between mentors and mentees?

With Klaus Strueber , Solawi Adviser, Germany (

Suzy Russell, UK CSA Network Coordinator, United Kingdom (
Zoltan Lengyel, meat based CSA farmer and mentor , Hungary

The panel discussion will be facilitated by Tomas Uhnak, from Ampi (Czech Republic).

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This webinar is organized in the frame of Food and More, an Erasmus+ Project supported by the European Union.

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