SolidBase Hackathon in Freiburg 15-17 November

By Peter Volz, die Agronauten and the European CSA Research Group.

In Freiburg, Germany, there will be a special event 15-17 November 2019 in the frame of the SOLID BASE project. The goal is address both the question of IT development and training for Community Supported Agriculture. The goal of the event will be threefold:

First, there will be user’s experience -based workshops, where exchanges between « hackers » and CSA activists will allow improvements to existing and developing IT tools. SolidBase allowed a review of CSA group management tools, with a specific interest for CSA farm budget management.

Second, there will be participatory sessions to share and disseminate further the training materials (incl. the SolidBase app) designed during the project. Trainers from different countries will confront their hands-on experience of training in CSA farm management and community building, using new online tools.

Third, hackers and CSA members/farmers will face off to investigate new areas of cooperation on various topics (mapping the movement, sharing stories from the field, campaigning for biodiversity…etc.).

People from across Europe will come to share, discuss and develop in the spaces of the Chaos Computer Club Freiburg. The event is organised by Agronauten supported by Netzwerk Solidarische Landwirtschaft and Urgenci. If you are interested to join please read our ideas regarding the event at and contact and for joining – 15th of October is the deadline for registrations. There are limited spaces and we have limited budget for each person for transport/food/sleeping but surely it will be highly interesting and fun!

Logistics for registered participants

Generally speaking : we are very happy to host this great event, we think it is important to exchange and network in order to improve CSA and Solidarity Economy. The programme can be found there :

Please note that we are operating on a limited budget of 200€/ international participant (all costs included) and 100€/German participant in total for this event. We will manage but please keep this in mind !

Therefore, we have 120 € budget (maximum) for the transportation.

Please arrange your transportation yourself. Ideally, you’ll arrive Fr 15th of Nov. before 14h, departure is Sun 17th of Nov. after lunch (13.30). If you can’t arrive in time (perhaps you need to arrive a night before, for example) or in case you have trouble with the budget, please contact us (

We have reserved beds at the cool « Black Forest Hostel » in Karthäusersstr. 33, Freiburg. They have dormitories for us, as we can’t cover single rooms. Please bring sleeping bags/sheets (you can also rent bedding for 4€ total). If you stay at friends’ place or have your own arrangements, please tell us (!

The « SolidBase Hackathon » will take place at the Chaos Computer Club Freiburg (CCCFR), Adlerstr. 12A, Freiburg (close to the main train station). It’s a 15-20 minutes walk from the Black Forest Hostel to CCCFR.