SolidBase Hackathon on the radio in Germany and Portugal

The SolidBase Hackathon has been covered in at least two different radio programmes: one in Germany and one in Portugal.

Radio Dreyeckland recorded an interview (in German) on the topic “What has Food Sovereignty to do with the Open Source movement?”

Available here:

Another interview, with Peter Volz, the main organizer of the SolidBase Hackathon and Jocelyn Parot, General Secretary of URGENCI, is also availabe online. It was recorded in the frame of a programme called O SOM É A ENXADA (“the sound is the hoe”). This programme has been broadcasting in community Radio Manobras since the first national meeting of CSA/AMAPs, in November 2015.

The title of this episode is “Food sovereignty & Tech Sovereignity: a Love Story”. Warning: it starts with a short introduction in Portuguese and then turns to English for good music and the interview following the SolidBase hackathon.It also keeps a record of the movement in Portugal and wanders through the broader agroecology and food sovereignty scene.