Strengthen the Human Rights of Peasants!

Join the movement and ask for the adoption of the UN Declaration on Peasants’ Rights!

No peasants, no food. Let’s grow their rights!

Peasants, fishers, pastoralists and other people working in rural areas produce most of the healthy and diverse food that we eat every day. In Europe and all around the world, they play a leading role in ensuring the food sovereignty of our communities and the resilience of our food system in the face of climate change. However, small farms are rapidly disappearing and peasant agriculture is under threat due to the expansion of industrial agriculture, land grabbing, and the dismantling of public support.

Peasants and other rural working people face systematic discrimination, with rural women particularly affected. They need your support to continue creating agroecological, resilient alternatives to industrial agriculture and develop healthy and sustainable local food systems for the future of our planet.

Join the movement for Peasants’ Rights and ask the EU and its Member States to actively participate in good faith in the elaboration of a “UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas”. Demand from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recognize Peasants’ Rights, including their rights to land, seeds, biodiversity, decent income and livelihood and the means of production. Demand the right of peoples to food sovereignty now by signing this petition.

Many resources, factsheets and videos, are available on the dedicated website.