As part of the Caravan for Agroecology in Portugal, the Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Summer School was organised by FCiências ID. in partnership with the Agrarian School of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu and the Nova Acrópole Association, the summer school lasted from the 16 August to 19 August.

During these four days, fifteen participants from all over the country visited different agroecological related experiences. These included: family farmers (Salete Dias in Lobagueira, Viseu, and Alice Marques in S. Pedro do Sul), a social inclusion project that combines performance art and agriculture (Horta Deméter in Viseu), organic farmers and a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), (Angela Abreu in S. Pedro do Sul, Quinta do Arminho in Mangualde), and the S. Pedro do Sul Bioregion and the Farmers Market.

Food for each day was prepared by local catering projects like Polo Gastronómico de Viseu, Grão a Grão and Sabores do Sul to both of whom demonstrated the importance of the relationship between farm and table.  Each day was dedicated to reflecting about a different theme, starting with Agroecology – its definition and dimensions, moving to the individuals, and their role in the agroecological transition.

To finish, participants reflected on the agroecological approach and strategies for developing Sustainable Food Systems. As a result of the event, participants decided to co-create a manifesto that would summarize possible paths for an agroecological transition.

Therefore, on the last day a call to action was made between participants, farmers, municipality representatives, and researchers that highlighted the importance of food sovereignty, favouring rural resettlement through fair revenues and promoting the collective design of municipal strategies founded in environmental, social, and economical sustainable principles.