Questionnaire on CSA and Cultivated Biodiversity

By Jocelyn Parot, General Secretary

Community Supported Agriculture seems to be a perfect model to renew cultivated diversity for agriculture. But is this true on the field, at grassroots’ level ? And what are the challenges CSA members and farmers are facing when it comes to preserving biodiversity in situ ?

Urgenci and 6 partners from 5 different countries in Europe are launching a detailed questionnaire on CSA and cultivated biodiversity, as part of the Dynaversity project. This questionnaire is sent to CSA networks all over Europe. It aims to map CSAs and producer-consumer partnerships leading in-situ conservation initiatives. It will help us identify best practices, that will be further explored with in depth interviews. The initiatives will be included in a selection of case studies.

If you are a CSA farmer or a CSA member taking an active part in the preservation of cultivated biodiversity, please take 15 minutes of your time to fill in the questionnaire :

DYNAversity analyses and describes the actors involved in plant genetic conservation and renewal of cultivated diversity for agriculture with a view to promoting management and governance models and to building new forms of networking.