#CSADay: Let’s Celebrate!

#CSADAY, 23rd February 2018

Urgenci is happy to invite all CSA groups around the world to celebrate #CSADay !

CSA is the name we give to a diversity of approaches that all aim to strengthen direct farmer-eater relationships. This includes sharing risks and benefits. This is the essence of CSA.

The #CSADay was launched for the first time in 2015 as a sign-up day in the US by Small Farm Central. Since then, CSA has kept growing as a truly international phenomenon, with initiatives on all continents mobilizing more than 2 million consumers.

Urgenci is the international organization that facilitates connections between existing national and local CSA networks through the shared belief in the core values of Agroecology: Food Sovereignty, Solidarity Economy and Biodiversity. Urgenci also supports the building of new regional and national CSA networks.

Urgenci’s newly signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), as well as the recent learning journeys of our young Mediterranean network in Turkey and Lebanon are the demonstration that #CSADay has to be international !

For thousands of farmers around the world, #CSADay can bring about real change : sign up and support your local farmer !

And why not take advantage of CSA Day to speak to your neighbours, friends and colleagues. And if there is no CSA near you, create your own CSA in 2018 with the support of your regional or national network!

To learn more about CSA in different parts of the world:







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