Episode 18, The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast!

The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast visits the Citizen Food Network in Tunisia


In this episode of the Mediterranean Caravan Podcast, we visit Tunisia to learn more about the Citizen food network, a project by Association Tunisienne de Permaculture (ATP – the Tunisian permaculture association) that links agroecological producers with prosumers via a Participatory Guarantee System.  

In May 2022, Amani Dagher and Wael Yammine from SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon had the chance to interview 5 members from the Citizen food network network during their visit to Tunisia to participate in a gathering for agroecology practitioners. The interviewees are: Hadia Haddad (coordinator), Imane Bou Nawara and Amine Bou Nouh (producers), Siwar Nayfar and Taqwa Al Aswad (prosumers). 


Linking agroecological producers to conscious consumers 


The “Citizen food network” (شبكة غذاء مواطن) project by ATP aims to create a sustainable food production model for Tunisian society through an alternative infrastructure for the distribution of agricultural products based on direct consumer-farmer links. Under this project, a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) was created as an economically viable structure built on a charter between consumers and producers for the transition to agroecology. Managed by the farmers and producers themselves, the system guarantees freshness, quality and health for consumers, and eliminates intermediation costs to secure fair and stable income for smallholder producers (who make up the majority of Tunisia’s agricultural sector). 



Photograph by ATP 


PGS actors created the “Citizen Food” label based on guidelines written and approved by farmers, consumers and experts from the Technical Center for Organic Agriculture in Tunisia. Additionally, two weekly farmers’ markets are currently organized in Tunis and Bizerte (northern Tunisia) and a third one is planned. The markets and the label are mainly supported by beneficiaries of the ATP-led “Plant your farm” initiative supporting young people in the creation of “micro” permaculture farms. The PGS is perfectly suited to these young beneficiaries who welcome visits by consumers to their farms. A consumer club has also been created as part of the “Citizen Food” project, where subscribers pay monthly fees to have access to products from labeled farmers. 



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