The first Central and Eastern European meeting of Community-Supported Agriculture just kicked off in Wroclaw, Poland!

Wroclaw, Poland, 12 November 2021

The first Central and Eastern European meeting of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) just kicked off:  30 participants from 6 different countries travelled to EkoCentrum Wrocław, Poland ( All participants are citizens and farmers willing to build resilient food communities, where local, ecologically produced food is accessible and considered as a human right, not a commodity. They represent more than 100 food communities which demonstrated their resilience during the Covid-19 period by strengthening social links, supporting farmers and providing fresh, local and healthy food during the strictest lockdowns. They are all joining to share their experiences and challenges on how to educate, sustain or advocate for resilient local food communities.

On Saturday and Sunday, the meeting will continue in Nowa Wieś Wielka (60 kilometers from Wrocław), a village rich in wild nature and history (

The Central Eastern European Meeting takes its inspiration from the European meeting of CSA movements, which started in 2012, and offers the participants the opportunity to meet and strengthen cooperation. Similarly, the plan is to organize the Central and Eastern European meeting of food citizens on a regular basis, in order to enable active people to exchange experiences, plan joint activities or simply learn from each other. This is how the movement can grow – with more food citizens and consumers who are changing the world!

The event is organized by a team of European organizations working in the field of food citizenship and education who support existing CSAs or food cooperatives and help them to flourish. Together theyare conducting the Food & More project which is focused on building and networking food communities in Central Eastern Europe.

The Food&More project team: FER, TVE, Ampi and URGENCI

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2 videos about CSA and Food Communities: “How to support your food communities?”; “Food Citizens: Consumers who are changing the world”

A workshop was held during the 8th International Symposium of URGENCI. The recording of the session: