URGENCI Hub for LSPA Training Materials: One Place to Find Them All

“Have all the webinars been recorded?”, “Where can I find guidelines on managing the budget of a CSA farm?”, “I have to deliver a training session on starting a LSPA1 in my country. Is there anybody to contact on the topic ?”, “Do you know if there is a tutorial about organizing a CSA pick up?”… All these questions have now found their single answer: URGENCI’s e-learning hub.

Our hub combines all the functionalities of a resource centre for CSA members, CSA farmers and CSA trainers”, explains Zsofia Perenyi, URGENCI’s Special Expert on Education and one of the key persons behind the hub. There are modular training curricula to follow, videos to watch, sample documents to be used in so-called real life, webinars to attend or to listen to, mentors to interact with, practical booklets to print for yourself and many many more… .

“Hub is the name eventually chosen by URGENCI and its partners. It nicely depicts the original idea to reply to the huge need for the training materials to be displayed in a single place”, adds the hub designer. “Now, it should be easier to navigate in the hub: you can follow the curriculum, or choose to use any of the materials independently”. Among the new materials created for the hub, the users have access to short tutorial videos. They also have access to a new Mentors’ Directory, where selected well-experienced CSA practitioners from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin can be identified for further apprenticeship and trainer-learner exchanges.

URGENCI Hub is the result of a sum of projects, including Be Part of CSA ! and CSAct, Collective Training in Community Supported Agriculture, the latest one. The Hub should also be understood as a node connecting different countries, as links to translations of training materials will be be listed. English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Hungarian translations of most materials will be available.

The Erasmus+ -funded CSAct -project really provided the resources to finalize this first version of the hub, which will be continuously shaped by the LSPA movement. Additonal materials will be created and existing modules will be adapted all the time.

References, links, trainer’s guides and training participants’ booklets will progressively be uploaded and stored on the hub: hub.urgenci.net

The CSAct project partners are :

1LSPA stands for Local Solidarity -based Partnership for Agroecology. The acronym CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.