About Urgenci

The emergence of Teikei in Japan, Community Supported Agriculture in the USA and the UK, Association pour le Maintien de l’Agriculture Paysanne in France, Agriculture Soutenue par la Communauté in Canada/Québec, Voedselteams in Belgium and of many, many other networks around the world over the past few decades show how consumers and farmers in various places are responding to the same global pressures. This supports the development of organic and agroecologically run family farms and local fair food systems.

URGENCI was created in 2006 and our rich history has evolved through our successive international symposiums and regional EU meetings.

2004 – Aubagne 
2008 – Aubagne 
2010 – Kobe 
2012 – Milan
2013 – California
2014 – Villarceaux 
2015 – Beijing 
2016 – Ostrava 
2018 – Thessaloniki