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North America

In February 1979, a tractorcade of 6,000 farmers tied up traffic in Washington, D.C. to protest farm policy that ended parity, the pricing system that

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Cordoba Symposium – 2010

Urgenci’s participation in the international seminar on short supply chain for organic farming held on November, 13th-14th, 2010, in Cordoba by Ecologistas en Accion  This

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China CSA in China: An Introduction, by Caroline Merrifield and Shi Yan CSA Meeting in China, by Elizabeth Henderson People Power, by Sun Ye in

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in North Africa:  These country items are part of the First Mediterranean CSA Mapping report generated in April 2016. Algeria Egypt Morocco Tunisia

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California 2013

URGENCI’s Contribution to the American CSA Movement The international network of Community-Supported Agriculture, reached a new stage of maturity at the 5th biannual Symposium that

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2nd European Meeting in France

The European Meeting of CSA Movements and Alternative Distribution Systems has now firmly established itself as the milestone for CSA initiatives all across Europe. With

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Photo credit: Tomoaki Urata 1.Rules and Procedures relative to the Statutes As stated in Article 18 of the Statutes of International Network URGENCI, the Rules

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