Strengthen the Human Rights of Peasants!

Join the movement and ask for the adoption of the UN Declaration on Peasants’ Rights! No peasants, no food. Let’s grow their rights! Peasants, fishers, pastoralists and other people working in rural areas produce most of the healthy and diverse food that we eat every day. In Europe and all around the world, they play...
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The first West African meeting of local and solidarity-based agro-ecological partnerships between producers and consumers held in Kpalimé (Togo)

We are women and men, farmers, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) activists, agronomists, agro-ecologists, agro-ecology trainers, Food Sovereignty activists, Civil Society actors from 7 different countries in West Africa. We come from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Togo. Over and above the current extraordinary social and economic challenges, our societies are all...
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Oxford Real Farming Conference, January 2017

Urgenci was present at the “Oxford Real Farming Conference” (ORFC) in Britain, a conference that started as a small alternative conference to the “Oxford Farming Conference” (supported in 2017 by Bayer, BASF and others) but that now has overtaken the conventional farming conference in both the number of delegates and in twitter posts. ORFC actually...
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A Charter for CSAs in the USA and Canada!

The North American CSA community, taking a clue from the rapid growth of CSAs in new areas of the world (France, UK, all of Europe, China), is proposing the adoption of a CSA Charter that provides a definition of what CSA is all about. Together, regional networks and independent CSAs will launch the Charter on CSA...
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Landare – An experience that feeds thousands of people

The “Soberanía Alimentaria, Biodiversidad y Culturas” magazine published an article on a non-CSA but  nonetheless very interesting and successful food coop project in Navarra (Euskal Herria-Spanish State.) Landare is one of the Spanish State’s pioneer consumer associations. Founded in 1991 by individuals involved in antimilitarist and anarchist groups, Landare has since evolved alongside social change and unrest....
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8th National CSA Conference of China, December 2016, Lishui

On December 1st weekend we hosted over 600 farmers and food lovers in Lishui, Zhejiang Province for the 8th National CSA Conference of China. This also kicked off the formation of the National Community Supported Agriculture Network of China where CSA farmers will be encouraged to farm by cutting out synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and waste....
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The European Declaration on CSA: Guidelines for the Future

Bayer bought out Monsanto for 66 billion dollars. The game of Monopoly continues with a small number of agro-industrial giants sharing out their control of living organisms. The reaction of millions of people to this is one of urgency: they share the feeling of a need to act, to take back control of their food systems. Their slogans are the independence of peasants, consumers right to choose and the collective right to decide what model of food system we want. Their collective actions cover a broad scope. But one of the most highly developed and demanding approaches is that of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). By Jocelyn Parot, General Secretary of the international network Urgenci