The “Journey to Green Horizons” Comicbook

We are really excited to share with you the comicbook “Journey to Green Horizons”! This comicbook has been realized during the project Agroecological Youth Education for Future (AYE!), an Erasmus+ project that aims to increase the environmental awareness and ecological literacy of the youth by introducing them to agroecology as

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Episode 18, The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast!

The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast visits the Citizen Food Network in Tunisia   In this episode of the Mediterranean Caravan Podcast, we visit Tunisia to learn more about the Citizen food network, a project by Association Tunisienne de Permaculture (ATP – the Tunisian permaculture association) that links agroecological producers with prosumers

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Learning and Sharing Agroecology, Webinar Recap!

On Thursday 21 September, the partners from “The Mediterranean Caravan: Learning and Sharing Agroecology – MedCaravan” project hosted a webinar to share the results and educational material co-created during the project with the different actors working in agroecology around the Mediterranean basin. The MedCaravan Project is an Erasmus+ educational project

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Best Practice Guide for Collecting Agroecological Knowledge

The climate crisis demands urgent action, and communities worldwide are recognizing the pressing need to adopt sustainable practices. Rampant consumption and globalized production systems are contributing to the loss of vital resources like fertile soils, biodiversity, and local seeds. They also exacerbate socioeconomic inequalities. In this context, solutions like agroecological

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Exploring Community-Supported Agriculture and Local Solidarity Partnerships: Insights from the SALSIFI Country Dossiers

The SALSIFI project, a partnership initiative focused on advocating for sustainable food systems and food system transformation, recently published a guidebook outlining the state of affairs in each partner country. This Country Dossier handbook casts a spotlight on the legal and policy landscapes surrounding Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Local Solidarity

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SALSIFI Food Policy Handbook: A Guide to Sustainable Food Systems

The Food Policy Handbook is a comprehensive guide to sustainable food policies at local, national, European, and Eastern European levels. It draws on real-life examples from various countries where the CSA/LSPA (Community Supported Agriculture / Local Solidarity Partnerships in Agriculture) movement has been a driving force for positive change. The

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URGENCI participates in the annual celebration of Les Paniers Marseillais

On Saturday May 13th, 2023, we took part in the General Assembly and annual celebration of Les Paniers Marseillais (PAMA – a CSA network in Southern France) where we presented educational material created within the MedCaravan Erasmus+ project and welcomed other partners from the Mediterranean to present their agroecological initiatives.

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Episode ten, The Mediterranean Caravan Podcast!

The Mediterranean Caravan visits organic farmer Aleksandar Burić.   Our tenth episode of the Mediterranean Caravan Podcast is now live on Anchor and Spotify. Join us to meet organic farmer Aleksandar Burić from Serbia. This podcast with organic farmer Aleksandar Burić reveals his philosophy of understanding nature in order to

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