Happy International CSA Day!

Happy CSA Day! This year for International #CSADay, URGENCI has decided to celebrate during the entire week with a full promotion of celebratory activities and resources related to CSA and LSPA! Local Solidarity Partnerships for Agroecology (LSPA) amongst our networks are strong, healthy, and resilient. We want to take this

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Knowledge of Past Lives Can Illuminate Our Future

(Original article in Turkish by Oya Ayman, Member of the Strategy Board of the Bugday Association. The article: “Knowledge of past lives can illuminate our future ” was originally published in Yeşil Gazete.) A handful of people maintain a culture shaped in harmony with nature in hidden geographies. On the

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What makes us better advocates?

Advocacy is one of the key actions in the Food Sovereignty movement as it enables us to get our messages out there, to mainstream agroecological thinking and to inform decision-makers so they can support better policies. But what makes a good advocate and what skills are needed? This and other

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Summer School: Agroecology in Viseu, Mangualde and São Pedro do Sul

As part of the Caravan for Agroecology in Portugal, the Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Summer School was organised by FCiências ID. in partnership with the Agrarian School of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu and the Nova Acrópole Association, the summer school lasted from the 16 August to 19 August.

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“Agroecology Boot Camp” event in Izmir

Within the scope of the Mediterranean Agroecology Caravan – MedCaravan Project, Wheat Association held an Introduction to Agroecology Camp in Karaburun, Izmir on 23-25 September 2022. The Mediterranean Agroecology Caravan – MedCaravan Project, which is carried out by Buğday Association in order to compile traditional agroecology knowledge and disseminate agroecology,

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Story of the Strawberry King

19th – 23rd September 2022, Loutí, Czech Republic Organized by AMPI (Association of local food initiatives)   How to teach children and young teenagers to really understand the whole story of one crop and at the same time let them understand deeper agroecological connections through enjoyable playtime? We decided to

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Advocating for Agroecology: Webinar Recap!

On Thursday 13 October, the partners from the project “Caravan for Mediterranean Agroecology” hosted a webinar to discuss the value of advocating for agroecology in the Mediterranean region. Bringing in the Experts! Facilitated by Jocelyn Parot, the General-Secretary of URGENCI, the webinar brought three advocacy experts to share their experience.

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Knowledge Caravan Serbia: Preserve Knowledge and Create Innovations

The Knowledge Caravan Serbia attended the workshop “Preserving traditional knowledge and creating innovations” held 19th May 2022, we brought 12 participants to visit the regenerative agriculture project “Our Little Kingdom” in the village of Krčedin, 60 km away from Belgrade. The workshop started with the presentation of the E+ project

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From Traditional to Modern Agriculture: Knowledge Caravan Serbia

The Knowledge Caravan Serbia arrived at the workshop “From Traditional to Modern Agriculture: How to work in Balance with Nature and Economy.” This workshop is a part of the Erasmus+ project and occurred on 3 July on the organic farm “Organela” located in the village of Valjevska Kamenica, 10 km

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