Enacting Resilience: the Response of LSPA to the Covid-19 Crisis

“Enacting Resilience”: the report on the response of Local Solidarity-based Partnerships for Agroecology (LSPA) to the Covid-19 Crisis has just been released. The team of grassroots actors, practitioners and researchers gathered by URGENCI wanted to gain a detailed understanding of how solidarity-based short supply chains and territorial food distribution systems

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Eden on Fire: there is Hope in Amazonia

Ariel Molina, an agroecologist and activist, the founder of the CSA Brasil network and a member of the International Committee of URGENCI, wrote a manifesto concerning the dramatic situation in Manaus, Amazonia, where he lives. It is a moving testimony that should be shared with the entire network. Find the

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URGENCI @Oxford Real Farming Conference

The Oxford Real Farming Conference is kicking off today! URGENCI is excited to be part of this year’s global online event. Find herean overview of the five sessions hosted by Urgenci. We hope to see you there!

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Zooming in on the Brussels Bubble

By Judith Hitchman, President of the International Committee It is notoriously difficult to carry out advocacy in Brussels without having a dedicated person based there. And for a network like URGENCI, this is an issue, as advocating for key policy issues such as agroecology and the importance of short food

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URGENCI is looking for a Learning Designer to join its team!

The growth of activities has led to URGENCI recruiting a Learning Designer to develop and coordinate its online learning activities together with other training needs. We are looking for a Learning Designer to: Design online learning activities for URGENCI’s education platform. Oversee our training and education methodology approach. Design learning

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Worldwide Survey on Solidarity Food Initiatives and Covid-19

URGENCI is undertaking a worldwide research on “The state of solidarity food initiatives in the time of Covid-19”. We want to gain a better picture about our movement’s contribution to more resilient and socially inclusive local food systems during crisis. You can help us gather and spread this information by

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Learning from Covid-19? The European Commission’s Farm-to-Fork Policy sends a Positive Signal even though many Crucial Points are still Missing

Has the Commission succeeded in learning some lessons from the Coronavirus crisis? With the publication of its Farm-to-Fork Strategy and its Biodiversity Strategy today, the European Commission is sending a signal that shows greater awareness of the importance of resilient food systems and of the interconnections between human health, sustainable diets and the ecosystems win which we live. Sadly, however, many crucial points required for initiating true systemic change are still missing.

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Webinar on SSE, Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food

The 3rd in the special series of RIPESS webinars covered the field of COVID-19, food sovereignty, solidarity economy and the right to food. The participants were Qiana Mickie, special policy consultant with Just Food in New York, Judith Hitchman, president of Urgenci International Community Supported Agriculture Network, and Marcus Hill, from the US Solidarity Economy Network as special guest. Sofia Monsalve, Secretary General of FIAN International was the very able moderator. The webinar was recorded. You can watch it online:

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