Report on the LeTSFS workshop held in Berlin, Germany

From Thursday 18th to Sunday 22nd September 2014 a total of 26 people from the 7 LeTSFS partner countries gathered in Berlin to visit local food production and distribution projects and to discuss the various issues arising from these and other experiences of such projects.

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Ellinor Lindahl and Lina Hirsch on meeting in Hungary

Ellinor Lindahl and Lina Hirsch from farming cooperative Concrete Farming had the chance to travel to Hungary to take part in the CSA (community supported agriculture) workshop and study visit on. Here they tell us about their trip: At the end of   May, we had the pleasure to be two

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Claudia Ciobanu: CSA movement slowly growing in Europe

In May 2014 Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Italian and Swedish activists got together in Vac, near Budapest, to discuss food activism in their countries, including RWS models (the English term, Community Supported Agriculture, was mostly used during the meeting). It was an amazing opportunity to see the level of development

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Vlaďka Kršičková describes workshop in Pula

I was pleased with the diversity of all participants of the meeting. There were not just farmers, different CAS active supporters, NGO workers but also the future farmers for whom this meeting could be very valuable. We couldn’t have wished better combination of people for exchanging information. The farms we

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Urgenci 2015 GA Survey

Urgenci’s next General Assembly (GA) will be held on November 22nd, 2015 following our International CSA conference and farm visits in China. The goals of the GA are to assess activities carried out since the last symposium in California in 2013, conduct elections for the next International Committee, and chart

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CSA thriving in China

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one of the best examples of a successful, alternative food distribution system, providing real income to producers and affordable healthy food for consumers. Food continues to be grown in peri-urban areas and trust between producers and consumers is strengthened. And China has not been left

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