Press release: the first Mediterranean LSP meeting

We are farmers, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) activists, organizers of farmers’ markets, agronomists, agroecologists, permaculture trainers, Food Sovereignty activists, civil society actors from 12 different countries the Mediterranean Basin. We are from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Croatia, France and Spain.

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Report from the CSA Farming Conference in Beijing!

Report from the CSA Farming Conference in Beijing! This winter I didn’t get to go on any tropical vacation, but I can’t really complain because I got to go to…. China!  Yes, it was freezing in Beijing.  When we flew over the North Pole, the flight attendants served gelato, seriously. 

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Urgenci at the European Parliament with RIPESS EU

The European Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy: RIPESS Europe had a major presence and made a strong contribution to both plenary sessions and workshops. Input by Urgenci included some aspects on social innovation, solidarity economy and food sovereignty. The European Union’s approach to agriculture and food almost totally overlooks the importance of

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We have found Common Ground!

Urgenci and its partners have been promoting CSA in all its diversity and fostering exchanges among initiatives from different backgrounds, from the subsistence family-farming model to the well-established organic farms that have been certified already for several years. The main objective of the Common Ground for Community-Supported Agriculture in Europe project

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Field Trip to South China Zeizhang Province

A small group of Urgenci members had the extreme good fortune to visit the South of China on a special field trip. After a 5am start and a difficult drive in extreme freezing smog, we had a hectic run to catch out plane, and just made it by the skin of our

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The 2015 CSA Farming Annual Report

Small farm central released a few days ago their annual CSA farming report from last year. They analyzed 305 CSA farms that use their Member Assembler software to determine what is going on in the CSA farming movement by the numbers. How did membership grow from 2014 to 2015? What are overall

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Elizabeth Henderson at the UN World Soil Day Celebration

“Soils: A Solid Ground for Life”                Elizabeth Henderson, CSA pioneer and Urgenci’s president of honour, has been invited to speak at the request of Organics International (IFOAM), and traveled to New York City to participate in the World Soil Day Celebration and Closure of the International Year of Soils 2015

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