The History of CSA in Germany

Wolfgang Stranz (transl. Jocelyn Parot), “A Short History of the German CSA”, Teikei, n°26, september 2009 The CSA’s in Germany are a very peculiar theme, since the organic movement started very early here, while the subsequent developments occurred in a very singular way in comparison to the other countries. The

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CSA in Czech Republic

Czech Republic´s farming is based on industrial farms with average acreage of 800 hectares. Only 7 % of big agricultural enterprises “cultivate” 65 % of arable land in the country. Family farms with independant distribution cultivate only 6 % of arable land. The majority of the food production is distributed

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AMAP in France

AMAP, the French Community Supported agriculture model: business as usual or Social movement?  Jocelyn Parot, 2014. In March 2012, the French AMAP, Associations pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne, Association for Maintaining Small Scale Family Farming in English, came surprisingly under the political limelight: they were object of a question

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The CSA in Taiwan (Province of China)

[layerslider id=”4″] Elizabeth Henderson, “The CSA in Taiwan (Province of China)”, October 2011. As a result of the Chinese translation of my book, Sharing the Harvest, the director of the Community College in Kaohsiung, and two small not-for profits, Green Formosa Front and the Community Empowering Society, brought me to

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CSA Meeting in China

Elizabeth Henderson, “The CSA Movement in China”, October 2011. Today’s citizens of China, Korea and Japan whose agriculture of a century ago F.H. King described so vividly in Farmers of Forty Centuries have almost forgotten the traditions that inspired so many of us in organic farming in the west. Fortunately,

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