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Souveraineté alimentaire

Urgenci calls for Food Sovereignty with la Via Campesina and other civil society actors, and is especially involved in the European movement for Food Sovereignty, since the Nyeleni-Europe meeting in Krems, on August 16th-21st, 2011.

> You can read the declaration in English and find it here in 18 languages.

Urgenci has especially been focusing on the axis 2: Changing how food is distributed

We work towards the decentralization of food chains, promoting diversified markets based on solidarity and fair prices, and short supply chains and intensified relations between producers and consumers in local food webs to counter the expansion and power of supermarkets. We want to provide the building blocks for people to develop their own food distribution systems and allow farmers to produce and process food for their communities. This requires supportive food safety rules and local food infrastructure for smallholder farmers. We also work to ensure that the food we produce reaches all people in society, including people with little or no income.