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Objectifs pour la période 2013-2015

Strengthen small-scale farmers in the food chain

Strengthen the position of small-scale farmers in the food chain, to contribute to the realization of the right to food in urban and rural communities and overall rural development.

Decentralise food chains and intensify relations between producers and consumers

In accordance with the Nyeleni Europe Declaration, work towards the decentralization of food chains and towards intensified direct relations between producers and consumers in local and solidarity–based partnerships to counter the expansion and power of agrifood business corporations.

Keep solidarity and commitment towards farmers at thr core of short supply chains

Ensure that Solidarity remains the core value in the short supply chains, that a strong commitment to supporting small-scale farmers is a key component in emerging food systems, and that these food systems are not exclusively consumers –led.

Support the rise of a new peasantry

Support the rise of a new type of small scale, sustainable, organic, GMO free, family farming, and foster a new « peasantry », through the development of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Structure the community supported agriculture movement and build alliances

Make the Community Supported Agriculture movement conscious of itself, and the power of its own forces. Raise awareness about the movement’s roleat the crossroads between 3 larger movements: the Food Sovereignty Movement, the Organic agriculture movement and Solidarity–based Economy.

Scale up

Work to disseminate our communities’ practices and values to larger audiences to build resilient and decentralised local food systems without compromising our ethos of small producer empowerment.

Provide building blocks

Provide the building blocks for people to develop their own food distribution systems and develop systems which allow farmers to produce and process food for their communities.

Organise horizontal and independent experience sharing methodology

Work together to organize a horizontal, independent experience-sharing methodology that facilitates experienced local food system activists sharing their expertise with farmers and consumers in other locations.

Document our initiatives

Share, in a decentralised way, our stories from the field; document our initiatives, identify their limits, and show evidence of social benefits.

Engage all citizens

Engage all citizens, with special emphasis on initiatives that reach disenfranchised and disadvantaged citizens.. The food produced on small farms should be accessible by all people in society, including people with little or no income.