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Documentation sur les PLS



Of course, THE European CSA Handbook

& A Share in the harvest, the Soil Association CSA Action manual and all their « unbeatable » resources

The resources in this section will help you get the information and support you need to start up a CSA or develop your existing CSA further. You can browse our resources by category below:

MIRAMAP: the AMAP basics – http://miramap.org/-Fondements-des-AMAP-.html

  1. Concept & objectives
  2. What AMAP stand for
  3. The AMAP charter
  4. Where do the AMAP come from

MIRAMAP: the AMAP in practise

  1. To start up an AMAP
  2. The ethics of AMAP
  3. To be an AMAP farmer
  4. To run an AMAP
  5. PGS

Rhône-alpes : The AMAP farmer handbook & The « dissemination » handbook

Literatur from the Solawi network in Germany

community-supported agriculture: getting your share, by TVE (exists in magyar and french)


BÎRHALA Brîndusa & MÖLLERS Judith, “Community supported agriculture in Romania. Is it driven by economy or solidarity?”, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies Discussion Paper no. 144, 2014.
HITCHMAN Judith, “The Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Social and Solidarity -based Economy“, FAO background paper, January 2012.
SAGE Colin, “The Transition Movement and Food Sovereignty: from Local Resilience to Global Engagement in Food System Transformation”Journal of Consumer Culture, 3 April 2014.