Advocating for Agroecology: Webinar Recap!

On Thursday 13 October, the partners from the project “Caravan for Mediterranean Agroecology” hosted a webinar to discuss the value of advocating for agroecology in the Mediterranean region. Bringing in the Experts! Facilitated by Jocelyn Parot, the General-Secretary of URGENCI, the webinar brought three advocacy experts to share their experience.

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Knowledge Caravan Serbia: Preserve Knowledge and Create Innovations

The Knowledge Caravan Serbia attended the workshop “Preserving traditional knowledge and creating innovations” held 19th May 2022, we brought 12 participants to visit the regenerative agriculture project “Our Little Kingdom” in the village of Krčedin, 60 km away from Belgrade. The workshop started with the presentation of the E+ project

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From Traditional to Modern Agriculture: Knowledge Caravan Serbia

The Knowledge Caravan Serbia arrived at the workshop “From Traditional to Modern Agriculture: How to work in Balance with Nature and Economy.” This workshop is a part of the Erasmus+ project and occurred on 3 July on the organic farm “Organela” located in the village of Valjevska Kamenica, 10 km

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Knowledge Caravan in Portugal – The Lagos and Mértola Route!

The Knowledge Caravan was organised in partnership with Lagos (southwest Portugal) and Mértola (southeast Portugal) Municipalities. These two municipalities were invited because of their work in promoting local sustainable food systems. Lagos Municipality supports the weekly farmers market Vivo’ Mercado where participants are divided into three different categories: organic certified,

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Membership Bidding Round 2022

It is the season of our yearly Membership Bidding Round. Let’s grow our network together. Each member organization should the amount of its bid before October the 31st.

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Soil fertility and water management webinar

Healthy agricultural soils are the foundations to assuring food security and proper nutrition now as well as in the future. They play a key role in the carbon cycle, storing and filtering water, and improving resilience to floods and droughts. Especially in regions with water stress, and now due to

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Terre de Milpa – Women in agroecology project

Terre de Milpa is a newly created project that aims to develop and promote agroecology for women, allowing them to reappropriate agriculture. As part of the social and solidarity economy movement, the project works for social, ecological and food justice. When we visited the project in June 2022 they had

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Capacity-Building Training at Villarceaux

In early April, the partners involved with the Erasmus-funded advocacy project, SALSIFI (Supporting Advanced Learning for Stakeholders Involved in Sustainable Food Systems Initiatives), met at the beautiful La Bergerie de Villarceaux, just outside of Paris. This training was an opportunity for partners to meet – for the first time! –

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Community Supported fisheries Around Europe: Netherlands

A contribution by Thibault Josse, Pleine Mer / URGENCI Monday 25 October 2021, Pleine Mer and its partners published a study that revealed the extent of the industrial fishing scandal. How did a handful of millionaires get rich by monopolising European quotas? How did two Dutch industrial fishing giants take

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