URGENCI’s first online course is about to start

This is a historical moment as URGENCI is launching its first online course – an e-learning course for food citizens — with a live session to be held today, Monday 10 January at 1400 CET. This capacity-building training is designed for 20-25 food community members from different parts of the world who are interested in making more sustainable food choices, learning about farmer fairness and protecting the planet.
The course will be offered using URGENCI’s new online learning platform, 

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Online course: Unlock your food citizen super power!

Are you interested to know how you can make more sustainable food choices, fair to farmers and the planet? Would you like to become active in a food community and understand how it works? If you’re intrigued to know what it means to be a Food Citizen then join us

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 The first Central and Eastern European meeting of Community-Supported Agriculture just kicked off in Wroclaw, Poland!

Wroclaw, Poland, 12 November 2021 The first Central and Eastern European meeting of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) just kicked off:  30 participants from 6 different countries travelled to EkoCentrum Wrocław, Poland ( All participants are citizens and farmers willing to build resilient food communities, where local, ecologically produced food is accessible and considered

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Post-colonial and Decolonial study guides

To give you some more context to what we are discussing during our symposium, download a study guide here: English version Versão em português Versión en español   Join us in the Symposium which is running from 25-29th of October

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The Symposium programme is live!

We’re excited to show you the full programme for the 8th International CSA Symposium. The Symposium will feature thematic days each filled with workshops and plenaries. In addition, we also have a film festival with a great playlist on our YouTube channel. More films will be added in the next

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Decolonize your Plate, Amazonize the World!

The International Committee of URGENCI is pleased to announce Decolonize your Plate, Amazonize the World, the online International Symposium of Community -Supported Agriculture (CSA), 25-30 October 2021. It will be the 8th edition of URGENCI’s International Symposium, and will combine with the 5th European Meeting of CSA movements. It will also mark the 10th anniversary of CSA Brasil. It will be followed by the General Assembly of the international network URGENCI, 2-3 November.

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More Mentors for Stronger CSA Networks Webinar Report

“More mentors for stronger CSA Networks”, 22 June 2021 As the Community Supported Agriculture movement grows and becomes more structured with an increased number of CSA networks, CSA mentorship programmes are also multiplying. There are two major reasons for this. On the one hand, as the years pass, more experience

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