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Joint letter on the importance and urgency of publishing the Farm to Fork strategy

Together with others, URGENCI, the international network of Local and Solidarity -based Partnerships for Agroecology, has asked European Union Commissioners and their teams to provide guidance and a clear perspective of the road forward, meeting citizens’ expectations across Europe, by publishing the #EUFarm2Fork by end of April 2020. The President of the International Committee of...
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Solawi Spring Meeting

"Reaching the region" was the title and theme of the Solawi movement meeting that took place at the beginning of February. Around 120 people traveled to Freiburg from the whole of Germany to exchange ideas on how solidarity-based agriculture (Solawi) can grow beyond the niche position. The movement wants to make a contribution to the transformation of the agricultural system and social change.

CSA is Growing Big in the Netherlands!

Five years ago there were only five initiatives, now there are over 90. In Flanders, de part of Belgium where the same language is used as the Netherlands, the CSA network is a bit more advanced: their formal association exists for several years now and many CSA initiatives as well.

Localising the Sustainable Development Goals

In Ireland, the State has decided to hold a series of SDG Stakeholder consultations with civil society actors, ranging from social movements to NGOs and private sector interests. These consultations will then form the basis for a series of policy provisions. The Coalition 2030 ( brings together over 60 CSOs to facilitate these consultations, together with the State Department of Communications, Climate action and Environment. These consultations take place every two months on the various SDGs. URGENCI was represented in the December 2019 consultation in Dublin.
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National CSA Meeting in Norway

The most important event for CSAs in Norway is the national meeting organised by Organic Norway, coordinating the informal network of CSAs. In total 60 people were gathered for inspiration, updates, new knowledge and networking. In total 21 of the CSAs where represented, often with 2-3 persons from each CSA. Most Norwegian CSAs produce vegetables, but a few also have meat and dairy production. 4.300 shares were sold at Norwegian CSAs in 2018, with almost 9500 people eating from those shares.