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Webinar on PGS and CSA

The 3rd Episode of the 1st Season of the CSA Webinar Series is scheduled for the 24 April 2019, 18.30 (GMT+1). It will address the relationship between Community Supported Agriculture and Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS).

Healthy Food from Healthy Soils

Webinar on Agricultural Strategies and CSA Welcome to the second session of the 2019 CSA Webinar Series! Our webinar, scheduled on 17 April 2019, is going to address the relationship between CSA and farming. The leading questions will be: What type of agriculture would motivate a customer to go the extra mile and be part...
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First SolidBase Test Seminar in the Czech Republic

"How to manage CSA" was the name of the first of the four upcoming testing seminars in the European project "SolidBase - Financial Sustainability Education for Solidarity-Based Food System", where we look for new ways to support the financial self-sufficiency of solidarity food systems, including Community Supported Agriculture.

Basics for CSA Groups

CSAct !, a Community-Supported Agriculture collaborative training programme, is developing the first Webinar Series dedicated to CSA. First session on "Basics for CSA groups", 3 April, 18.30 (GMT+1). Welcome!

#CSADay on the 22nd of February

The #CSADay was launched for the first time in 2015 as a sign-up day in the US by Small Farm Central. Since then, CSA has kept growing as a truly international phenomenon, with initiatives on all continents mobilizing more than 2 million consumers.

First SolidBase Research Results Shared in Thessaloniki

By Peter Volz, European CSA Research Group and Agronauten Photo Courtesy: Sara Meissner The Thessaloniki International, European and Mediterranean CSA meeting in November 2018 featured a workshop on “Financial Sustainability of CSA and other types of solidarity-based food systems in Europe”. Peter Volz from the research organisation AGRONAUTEN and Jocelyn Parot from URGENCI presented the...
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