#CSADay on the 22nd of February

The #CSADay was launched for the first time in 2015 as a sign-up day in the US by Small Farm Central. Since then, CSA has kept growing as a truly international phenomenon, with initiatives on all continents mobilizing more than 2 million consumers.

First SolidBase Research Results Shared in Thessaloniki

By Peter Volz, European CSA Research Group and Agronauten Photo Courtesy: Sara Meissner The Thessaloniki International, European and Mediterranean CSA meeting in November 2018 featured a workshop on “Financial Sustainability of CSA and other types of solidarity-based food systems in Europe”. Peter Volz from the research organisation AGRONAUTEN and Jocelyn Parot from URGENCI presented the...
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URGENCI Wishes for 2019

In 2019, the role of our Urgenci Community Supported Agriculture network will be key. Our collective efforts to build greater social, environmental and economic justice – with an obvious focus on food justice – means that every project, every collective action must clearly aim to create genuinely sustainable local food systems.

10th China Community Supported Agriculture Conference

At a time when the CSA movement globally is working to gain greater recognition by policy makers, it comes a jaw-dropping and agreeable surprise to discover the extent to which CSA in China has gained legal status and is perceived as a genuine part of the way forward by all three levels of government in China (local, provincial and national). The 10th anniversary celebrations of the Chinese network marked this achievement in many noteworthy ways.

New energies, and a new team in the URGENCI International Committee

Over 300 URGENCI International Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) network delegates representing over 2 million members from all over the world have just spent three days gathered in Thessaloniki (Greece) for the 7th Urgenci International CSA network meeting, as well as the 4th European gathering and the 2nd Mediterranean Network meeting. 

The Mediterranean Network: Agroecology and Solidarity from Rabat to Beyrouth

URGENCI has been able to organize a permanent working strand, aiming at developing modular training activities around the Mediterranean Sea Basin. Two "common training frame editing workshops" have been organized. The first one was held in Rabat, Morocco, in June 2018. The second one is scheduled to start on the 30th of October 2018 in Algiers, Algeria, and to last until the 2nd of November 2018.

#CSABeyondBorders: Standing on Common Ground

A few weeks prior to the 7th Urgenci International Symposium (https://thessaloniki.urgenci.net), Urgenci is launching a #CSABeyondBorders series. Articles and essays written by CSA farmers and members, testimonies from movement pioneers, interviews collected in all corners of the world, will be published until the Symposium. After Japan and Switzerland, our next stop in our circle of CSA...
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